Datasets for Corrections

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State/Location Categories Title Group Year(s) of Publication URL
Arkansas Corrections/Inmates Recent Mugshots Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Unknown Direct Link
District of Columbia Corrections/Mental Health We Fix the Complexities of Life: Managing Mentally Ill Offenders in Washington, D.C. The Corrections Connection 2006 Direct Link
Hawaii Corrections/Inmates Hawaii SAVIN Appriss Incorporated N/A Direct Link
Maryland Corrections/Facilities Master Facilities Confinement Study Alternative Solutions Associates 2014 Direct Link
Missouri Corrections/Death Penalty Current Inmates Missouri Death Row N/A Direct Link
Missouri Corrections/Death Penalty Executions Missouri Death Row 1989-2014 Direct Link
New York Corrections/Reentry Effectiveness of Prison Reentry Services as Crime Control for Inmates Release in New York Abt Associates 2000-2005 Direct Link
Oregon Corrections/Performance Measures Public Attitudes on Crime and Punishment in Oregon Public Opinion Strategies 2012 Direct Link
Pennsylvania Corrections/Probation & Parole Assessment of Aftercare Service Provided to Delinquent Youth Keystone University Research Corporation 1998 Direct Link
Pennsylvania Corrections/Facilities Pennsylvania Task Force on Prison Overcrowding Temple University; County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania 2004-2005 Direct Link
Pennsylvania Corrections/Facilities George W. Hill Correctional Facility Community Education Centers N/A Direct Link
National Corrections/Facilities Survey of American Prisons and Jails, 1979 Abt Associates 1979 Direct Link
Vermont Corrections/Administration,Courts/Administration,Law Enforcement/Administration Directory of Vermont Criminal Justice Service Agencies Vermont Center for Justice Research N/A Direct Link
Vermont Corrections/Administration Report on Factors Contributing to High Attrition Rates of Correctional Officers VPM Consulting Team 2005 Direct Link