Datasets for Corrections/Health Care

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State/Location Categories Title Group Year(s) of Publication URL
California Corrections/Health Care Health Care for California's Jail Population Public Policy Institute of CA 2014 Direct Link
North Carolina Corrections/Health Care Privatizing State Prison Healthcare State Employees Association of North Carolina 2012 Direct Link
New York Corrections/Health Care Healthcare in New York State Prisons Correctional Association of New York 2000 Direct Link
National Corrections/Health Care State Prison Health Care Spending Pew Charitable Trusts, MacArthur Foundation 2014 Direct Link
Virginia Corrections/Health Care Accountable to No One: The Virginia Department of Corrections and Prisoner Medical Care American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia 2003 Direct Link
Washington Corrections/Health Care HIV Screening of Male Inmates During Prison Intake Medical Evaluation University of Washington 2011 Direct Link
Washington Corrections/Health Care An Examination of the Complexities of Prison Health Care University of Washington 2013 Direct Link