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State/Location Categories Title Group Year(s) of Publication URL
Florida Courts/Attorneys Find a Lawyer The Florida Bar N/A Direct Link
Illinois Courts/Attorneys IllinoisLawyerFinder Illinois State Bar Association Current Direct Link
Louisiana Courts/Attorneys Louisiana State Bar Association Annual Report Louisiana State Bar Association 2000-2013 Direct Link
Louisiana Courts/Attorneys Louisiana Bar Foundation Annual Report The Louisiana Bar Foundation 2003-2013 Direct Link
Maine Courts/Attorneys Find a Lawyer Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers N/A Direct Link
Missouri Courts/Attorneys,Courts/Judges,Courts/Sentencing Survey of Missouri Criminal Trial Judges, Prosecutors, and Criminal Defense Attorneys Concerning Perceptions of the Sentencing Assessment Report Process Missouri State University 2009 Direct Link
Missouri Courts/Attorneys Missouri Directory of Lawyers The Missouri Bar N/A Direct Link
Pennsylvania Courts/Attorneys Pennsylvania District Attorney Directory Pennsylvania District Attorney's Association N/A Direct Link
West Virginia Courts/Attorneys West Virginia Lawyer Referral Service The West Virginia Lawyer Referral Service N/A Direct Link