Datasets for Crime

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State/Location Categories Title Group Year(s) of Publication URL
Crime/Violent Crime Violent Crime Trends per 100,000 New England and US 1994-2003 Maine Statistical Analysis Center 1994-2003 Direct Link
Mississippi Crime/Drug,Law Enforcement/Crime Analytic Programs A Survey of Strategies for Enforcement of Drug Laws in Mississippi Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER) 2010 Direct Link
Mississippi Crime/Violent Crime,Law Enforcement/Use of Force,Victims/Vital Statistics Mississippi STatistically Automated Health Resource System (MSTAHRS) Mississippi State Department of Health 1980-2013 Direct Link
Mississippi Crime/Domestic Violence Report of the Commission for Study of Domestic Abuse Proceedings State of Mississippi Judiciary 2008 Direct Link
Mississippi Crime/Child Abuse Children's Justice Commission Report State of Mississippi Judiciary 2013 Direct Link
Mississippi Crime/Sex Crimes Mississippi Sex Offender Registry Mississippi Department of Public Safety N/A Direct Link