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State/Location Categories Title Group Year(s) of Publication URL
New Mexico Crime/DUI DWI Search The Judicial Branch of New Mexico 1991-2015 Direct Link
New Mexico Crime/DUI A Snapshot Report of National and International DWI Programs and Sanctions New Mexico Sentencing Commission 2002 Direct Link
New Mexico Crime/DUI New Mexico Sentencing Commission DWI Statistics and Analysis of DWI-related bills introduced during the 2005 Legislative Session New Mexico Sentencing Commission 2005 Direct Link
New Mexico Crime/DUI DWI De Novo Appeals New Mexico Sentencing Commission 2009 Direct Link
New York Crime/DUI New York Drunk Driving & Underage Drinking Statistics Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility 2012 Direct Link
New York Crime/DUI Summary of Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Crashes New York State Department of Motor Vehicles 2013 Direct Link
Ohio Crime/DUI DUI Commitment Report Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction 2004-2015 Direct Link
South Carolina Crime/DUI ADSAP Admissions South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services 2013 Direct Link
South Dakota Courts/Caseload,Crime/DUI,Financial/Courts Annual Report South Dakota Unified Judicial System 2002-2015 Direct Link
Tennessee Crime/DUI DUI Citations by County Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security 2003-2012 Direct Link
Tennessee Crime/DUI DUI Arrests Report Tennessee Bureau of Investigation 2011 Direct Link
Virginia Crime/DUI Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Statistics Virginia State Police 1988-2013 Direct Link
Virginia Crime/DUI Traffic Crash Facts Virginia State Police 1999-2013 Direct Link
Virginia Crime/DUI Review of Applicability of Transdermal Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Devices for First-Time DUI Convictions Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services 2013 Direct Link
Vermont Crime/DUI Vermont DUI Arrests, Prosecutions, and Recidivism: 1992-2007 Crime Research Group 1992-2007 Direct Link
West Virginia Crime/DUI All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Deaths and Injuries in WV: A Summary of Surveillance and Data Sources West Virginia Division of Justice & Community Services 2008 Direct Link
West Virginia Crime/DUI DUI Offender Profile West Virginia Department of Corrections 2005 Direct Link