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State/Location Categories Title Group Year(s) of Publication URL
National Victims/Demographics Crime Against People with Disabilities Bureau of Justice Statistics 2007 Direct Link
National Victims/Demographics Criminal Victimization Bureau of Justice Statistics 2010 Direct Link
National Victims/Demographics National Crime Victimization Survey Series Bureau of Justice Statistics 1979-present Direct Link
National Victims/Demographics The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) Detailed State Tables Centers for Disease Control 2010 Direct Link
Utah Victims/Vital Statistics Utah Vital Statistics Utah Department of Health Office of Vital Records and Statistics 2014 Direct Link
Utah Victims/Demographics Utah Crime Victimization Survey Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice 2000-2014 Direct Link
Virginia Victims/Victim Resources Local Statistics for CICF Claims Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund 2005 Direct Link
Virginia Victims/Victim Resources Annual Report: Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund 2013-2014 Direct Link
Virginia Victims/Vital Statistics Statistical Reports and Tables Virginia Department of Health 1998-2013 Direct Link
Vermont Victims/Vital Statistics Vital Statistics Annual Bulletins Vermont Department of Health 1996-2010 Direct Link
Washington Victims/Vital Statistics Washington State Injury Data Tables Washington State Department of Health 2004-2013 Direct Link
Washington Victims/Restitution Budget History Washington State Department of Labor & Industries 2014-2015 Direct Link
Wisconsin Victims/Vital Statistics Wisconsin Interactive Health Statistics Wisconsin Department of Health Services 2002-2014 Direct Link
West Virginia Victims/Vital Statistics Death Certificates West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources N/A Direct Link
West Virginia Victims/Restitution Annual Reports West Virginia Legislature 2007-2013 Direct Link
West Virginia Victims/Demographics Crime in WV Cities: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Population Groups and Victim Offender Relationships West Virginia Division of Justice & Community Services 2007 Direct Link
Wyoming Victims/Vital Statistics Vital Records Wyoming Department of Health 2000-2014 Direct Link