Third Prison Site Location Study

Group: Utah Department of Corrections



The Utah Department of Corrections (“DOC”) has undertaken this study in order to plan for the growth of its prisoner population, which will need a significant amount of new space in the next few years. Currently there are approximately 6,700 inmates in the State’s prison system. According to the Department of Corrections roughly 190 prisoners enter the system every year. This means in about seven years another prison the size of the Central Utah Correctional Facility, which can accommodate 1,340 prisoners, will be needed. Given that it takes approximately 4 years to design and build a prison, now is a good time to secure a site in advance of the planning process. Some of the groundwork for this study was laid in 2006 when the State of Utah pub‐ lished a study entitled “Evaluation of the Feasibility of Relocating the Utah State Prison.” This study was a response to popular interest in the removal and relocation of the State Prison in Draper to another site in a more rural area. The relocation study identified eastern Box Elder County, northeastern Juab County, and Rush Valley in Tooele County as areas that could be suitable for a new prison. The State has now asked the project team to build on the previous study’s site suitability analysis by iden‐ tifying the most suitable site for a new prison in the previously identified areas. In ad‐ dition, the project team was asked to create conceptual plans and cost estimates for the construction of the prison on the selected site. Finally, the team was charged with comparing the cost of a 6,000 bed facility at a new site to the cost of constructing the same facility on vacant land next to the Draper Prison. This report first explains the site selection process and briefly describes the preferred site. The report then presents a conceptual program and site plan along with prelimi‐ nary infrastructure planning. Finally, the report lays out the associated costs along with a comparison of costs between a new site and expansion on the existing site.


corrections, facilities, relocation, state prison

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