Datasets for Arkansas

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State/Location Categories Title Group Year(s) of Publication URL
Arkansas Victims/Demographics Infant and Child Death Review Annual Report Arkansas Children's Hospital 2011-2014 Direct Link
Arkansas Juvenile Justice/Recidivism Juvenile Justice in Arkansas: Building on Success Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families 2013 Direct Link
Arkansas Crime/Weapon Crime Arkansas Gun Violence Center for American Progress Varies Direct Link
Arkansas Crime/Drug Marijuana in Arkansas: Arrest, Usage, and Related Data The Bulletin of Cannabis Reform 2009 Direct Link
Arkansas Crime/Drug Arkansas Marijuana Arrests NORML 1995-2002 Direct Link
Arkansas Courts/Sentencing Sentencing Practices Under the Arkansas Sentencing Guideline Structure University of Arkansas at Little Rock, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Statistical Systems Inc., Arkansas Crime Information Center Unknown Direct Link
Arkansas Corrections/Facilities The Price of Prisons - Arkansas Vera Institute of Justice 2012 Direct Link
Arkansas Corrections/Facilities Consensus Report of the Arkansas Working Group on Sentencing and Corrections The Pew Charitable Trusts 2011 Direct Link