Datasets for Kansas

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State/Location Categories Title Group Year(s) of Publication URL
Kansas Law Enforcement/Other Programs Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment Police Foundation 1972-1973 Direct Link
Kansas Courts/Sentencing,Financial/Corrections Justice Reinvestment in Kansas Justice Center Council of State Governments 2012 Direct Link
Kansas Financial/Corrections Prison Overcrowding: Kansas American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Unknown Direct Link
Kansas Financial/Corrections The Price of Prisons | Kansas Vera Institute of Justice 2012 Direct Link
Kansas Crime/Domestic Violence Statistics Kansas Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence Unknown Direct Link
Kansas Courts/Community Courts Kansas Drug Court Feasibility Study National Center for State Courts 2010 Direct Link
Kansas Corrections/Facilities County Jail Map Directory Kansas Jail Association Current Direct Link
Kansas Corrections/Death Penalty Death Row Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty Current Direct Link
Kansas Corrections/Community-Based Corrections Kansas: A Successful Program that Reduces Recidivism and Saves Money American Bar Association 2010 Direct Link